Quote a Fare

The City of Charlotte sets the rate for all taxis in Charlotte. Though one company may give you a different estimate than another, you should pay the same fare regardless of company you choose. This page is set up to help you budget for your ride. Regardless of the estimate here, you will have to pay according to the meter.

For more details on rates, click here.

Use the calculator at the bottom to compute your travel cost. Please note that waiting time is not included in the estimate.

miles $
City of Charlotte Taxi Rates Rate
Drop Charge (To Enter A Cab) $2.50
Each 1/5th of a mile $0.50
Each Passenger after 2 $0.50
Airport To Downtown Flat Rate $25.00
Waiting Time $30.00/hour
Traffic Wait Time:
(7am-9am & 4pm-6pm weekdays only)